Bit Systems, LLC. D/B/A

In addition to paying the purchase price for a Product or Products (the “Product”), and use of, (“Product Site”), as a material part of the contract for purchase of the Products, Purchaser agrees and stipulates for the maximum time allowable by law as follows:

Copyright and Terms of Use Contract


The Product Site and reference documentation is authored, published and fully copyrighted by Bit Systems, LLC. D/B/A, 8 The Green #5697, Dover, DE 19901, US, (“Manufacturer”). The Product is manufactured, produced, and distributed by Manufacturer.


The use of the Product Site, and of any of its contents, is strictly limited to the individual or to the current business entity registering on the Product Site and its employees, to the extent applicable (Purchaser). The use of the Product Site may not be assigned. The Product Site and its contents may not be used by any successor business entity. While Purchaser may have paid a one time fee for ‘lifetime’ Membership, Purchaser agrees that ‘lifetime’ shall be defined as being the period that the Product remains the property of Bit Systems, LLC. under its current ownership and continues to be developed and supported by Bit Systems, LLC.


Purchaser agrees it may and will only use the Product Site and its contents for the sole purpose of establishing the Purchaser’s own retail or wholesale distribution account with Manufacturer. The information provided in the Product Site may not be manipulated in any manner or placed into any other “tool” with the use of scrapers, bots or manually entered without written consent by Bit Systems, LLC. on official company letterhead. 


The Product Site and the information in the Product Site may not be disseminated to any third-party in any medium under any set of circumstances except as expressed herein. For example, the Product Site and its contents may not be reproduced and circulated, except for use on Purchaser’s site to promote the Product. The Product site and the information in it may not be reprinted, resold, transferred, or given away, in part or in full, in any manner, without the express advance written consent of Bit Systems, LLC. a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation, its assigns or successors.
5.Purchaser agrees for maximum term allowable by law and stipulates that in the case of any alleged violation of paragraphs 1 through 4 of this contract, Manufacturer, its assigns and successors, shall have the immediate right to the issuance of a temporary injunction restraining and preventing further violations of this agreement. Purchaser and its successors forever waive any requirement of notice of any hearing or the posting of any bond for the issuance of said injunction. Purchaser and its successors stipulate for the maximum term allowable by law that said injunction shall remain in place without the requirement of any bond until the Court of competent jurisdiction issuing the injunction rules finally on the merits of the case. Purchaser and its successors stipulate for the maximum allowable time by law that the alleged violation of paragraphs 1 through 4 herein constitutes irreparable injury to Manufacturer for which there is no adequate remedy at law. Purchaser and its successors stipulate that when Manufacturer applies for any injunction as described herein, the filing by Manufacturer of an affidavit simply alleging the violation of paragraphs 1 through 4 of this Agreement is a sufficient showing of irreparable injury and an adequate remedy at law to have that injunction issued and to keep the injunction in place without a bond until the case merits are ultimately decided. Purchaser and its successors shall not in any such action move for the dissolution of a temporary injunction, request that a bond be posted to keep said injunction in place, or argue the absence of irreparable injury or inadequate remedy at law. For purposes of this section, Purchaser shall be construed as any offending party and its present or past employees or agents. If the injunction must be domesticated in any foreign jurisdiction, Purchaser and its successors also waive any requirement of the posting of any bond or its substantial equivalent in the foreign jurisdiction for purposes of having the bond issued, kept in place, or enforced.
6.Purchaser and its successors further agree that if Manufacturer or its assigns and successors, allege by way of affidavit the violation of any temporary or permanent injunction issued per paragraph 5, that Manufacturer, its assigns and successors, shall have the immediate right to pursue contempt charges against Purchaser and/or its successors, and their principals, and to immediately have issued a judgment of contempt, or its substantial equivalent, requiring the arrest and/or incarceration of Purchaser, its principals, and successors until compliance with the injunction is had. Purchaser and it successors waive the requirement of the posting of a bond or its equivalent in any jurisdiction in which enforcement of this section is sought.
7.Purchaser and its successors agree the sole venue for any civil action arising out of or related to this Agreement or brought by any party to this Agreement shall be in state court, Dover, Kent County, Delaware, United States of America. Primary venue shall not lie in any other jurisdiction where it is alleged that a party to this Agreement or its successors violated this Agreement. Purchaser and its successors forever stipulate they will not attempt to remove/transfer any action from Dover to any other jurisdiction or to Federal Court. Delaware (United States) law shall govern in any action. Purchaser and its successors stipulate that any order, decree, injunction, or judgment, whether final or non-final, issued by the Dover Court, may immediately be domesticated and/or enforced in any other jurisdiction without the necessity of the posting of any bond or its equivalent by Manufacturer.
8.In any civil action brought to enforce any provision of this Agreement or arising out of or relating in any way to this agreement, the prevailing party in said action shall be entitled to recover all of its expended fees and costs (not just taxable costs but all costs) expended in that action from the losing parties jointly and severally.
9.Purchaser and its successors stipulate that any final judgment for monetary damages or attorney’s fees and costs issued pursuant to this Agreement shall be collectible not only from the offending party, Purchaser, or its successors, but also from the principals of same who will automatically be deemed vicariously liable for any judgment issued under any legal theory and regardless of whether said principal is solely, partly, or without fault and regardless of whether Manufacturer is partly or totally at fault. The principals of Purchaser or its successors shall act as unconditional guarantors and/or indemnitors of said liabilities. Principals shall include all owners, officers, directors, shareholders, or partners. Purchaser and its successors forever waive any liability shield to these principals for purposes of collection of any monetary judgment of damages and/or attorney’s fees issued. pursuant to this Agreement and for purposes of this contract generally. 
10.Purchaser, its successors and their principals, agree to defend and indemnify Manufacturer, its assigns and successors, from all demands, claims, liabilities, and losses sustained by Manufacturer, its assigns or successors, or alleged against them, arising out of this agreement or in any way relating to this Agreement, regardless of the theory of liability alleged against Manufacturer, regardless of the nature or type of loss sustained by Manufacturer, its assigns and successors, regardless of whether Purchaser and/or its successors and principals are alleged to be or determined to be partly, solely, or without fault, and regardless of whether it is alleged or determined that Manufacturer, its successors and/or assigns are partly, solely or without fault.
11.Under no set of circumstances shall Manufacturer, its assigns, successors, or principals be deemed to be acting in concert, as a joint venture, or partner with Purchaser by virtue of its sale of the Product to Purchaser or otherwise by virtue of this Agreement. Additionally, under no set of circumstances shall Manufacturer, its assigns, successors, or principals be deemed to be acting in concert, as a joint venture, or partner with any business entity listed in the Product. All parties to this agreement stipulate, acknowledge, and warrant that Manufacturer is a seller and distributor of only the Product.  Manufacturer carries product liability insurance for one million US dollars.
12.If any portion of this Agreement is deemed legally invalid, void or voidable for any reason, then the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
13.If this contract is construed by any Court of competent jurisdiction, it shall be construed as if jointly prepared by all parties to it and not strictly against any one party. It shall also be construed wherever possible to afford maximum relief to Manufacturer, its assigns and successors in the context of potential violations of paragraphs 1 through 4 herein.
14.Guaranty statement: Manufacturer is actual stocking, FDA-authorized  products sold.
15.The refund conditions are incorporated specifically by reference into this contract, are very strict, simply because they need to be. The Product Site is informational in nature, and as such it is easy for Manufacturer to be victimized by those who take what they need and then request a refund. Purchaser’s refund rights are only as described in this agreement.

Manufacturer is Bit Systems, LLC. D/B/A, a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation, operating from 8 The Green #5697, Dover DE, 19901. “Purchaser,” is the person defined by the name, address and payment identification details provided at the time of purchase and captured in the online purchase order.

By agreeing to this terms of use, the purchaser also agrees that their card will be charged, PayPal payment will be made, or wire transfer will be made on the date of their purchase or within 1 business day of placing an order. Pricing will be done based on the table on the respective Product order page at the time of purchase.


Manufacturer is proud of its reputation for providing products and information for the pursuit of successful entrepreneurship. Few people request their money back after purchasing and trying our products, services, and Customer Support.


We require that before a refund is requested that customer service is contacted at least once to assist with any questions or concerns.  Customer service may be contacted via email at [email protected] or by phone at (302) 414-8180.

Purchaser agrees, as part of the consideration required to purchase Product, to carefully review Product and to immediately request a refund if Product is not satisfactory. The request for a Refund must be made within twenty-four hours from the receipt of Product.

To request a refund or to cancel, please contact [email protected]


Manufacturer asks that you CONTACT US BEFORE contacting your credit card company to register a payment dispute. This process is expensive for any merchant. Because Internet companies have detailed, time stamped records of your transactions, including shipping and receipt of Product, the Manufacturer can challenge a credit card dispute and usually wins. This process is very time consuming for all parties. Please avoid this by contacting us first. You will find Bit Systems, LLC. very reasonable and understanding your needs. Physical defects, or problems with the Product can be resolved with communication and at worst with insurance.

Additionally, filing a PayPal complaint is also a time consuming process, and will delay timely refunds due to the fact that we have to correspond with a third party as we do credit card charge-backs. As stated in the Refund section of this Terms of Use, we require all members to contact us directly at [email protected] for timely assistance with a refund.

Purchaser may post or email a recommendation that is favorable to Manufacturer or other products recommended by Purchaser. Purchaser hereby authorizes Manufacturer to quote such recommendation in articles, videos and other media produced by Manufacturer from time-to-time. Purchaser also authorizes Manufacturer to make such favorable comments available to the relevant social media platforms referenced in the favorable recommendation. Purchaser also authorizes Manufacturer to use Purchaser’s full name in publishing such quote but will not disclose Purchaser’s personal contact details. Manufacturer will not use or publish any unfavorable comment without first seeking the permission of Purchaser in the event that there is a valid purpose in publishing such comment.


If claims about results from using the Product or if claims about income or earnings resulting from the use of the Product are made, such claims are true for the persons who made the claims, including claims made by the end user about its own experience with the product.

No warranties are made whatsoever about the amount of money, if any, that Purchaser will earn from this material or product or service and Purchaser warrants an understanding that Purchaser’s only course of action is to request a  refund or replacement if Product is damaged or reasonably unacceptable.


Manufacturer cannot be held responsible for Purchaser’s actions with regard to Purchaser’s business conduct. Purchaser wholly indemnifies Bit Systems, LLC. against any legal action which may be brought as a result of Purchaser violating any copyright, trademark or any other legally protected rights of any other company. For example, if Purchaser’s business engages in selling illegally marked or counterfeited products illegally bearing the trademarked or copyrighted name or mark of another company without permission, Purchaser agrees that Bit Systems, LLC. is indemnified against any legal action, and Purchaser is solely responsible.

Force Majeure

Purchaser shall not have the right to request a refund for delays or defaults in providing the Product caused by conditions beyond Manufacturer’s control including, but not limited to; Acts of God, Government restrictions or seizing or Product in transit, third party included services, wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Manufacturer.

16.This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties to it. Each party agrees each has read the terms, each understands them, and each has consulted with legal counsel of its choosing prior to binding themselves to the contract. By agreeing to this terms of use, purchaser also understands that this terms of use can be changed at Bit Systems, LLC’s discretion at any time.