Our Backstory and Why We Want You to Talk to the Competition

We started this with an intention to help people get access to a product needed inexpensively. Price gougers were charging $90-130 a gallon.

We found a lying gouger when I got a support call from a frantic upset nurse.

“Hi, bought your sanitizer and it stinks! The smell made me nauseous, and after washing my hands 7 times I can’t get the smell off! NO ONE SHOULD USE YOUR GEL!

She couldn’t find a number for the manufacturer and saw an ad displayed with our number. I advised her to call the bank and dispute the charge.

If you can’t contact the person taking your money, don’t give it to them.
This is literally yours and your families life they are endangering!

Not All Ethanol is Created Equally

Alcohol can be denatured several ways. More horrific methods seen include gas or acetone. Topical medications are absorbed through skin into your bloodstream and metabolized.  There has been reports of rashes, burning, nausea and other adverse reactions.

We lab test every tanker to verify quality and ensure impurities are within FDA Foreign Contamination Chemistry requirements. Particularly we look for dangerous  methyl alcohols.

“Methanol is highly flammable and toxic. Direct ingestion of more than 10mL can cause permanent blindness by destruction of the optic nerve, poisoning of the central nervous system, coma and possibly death. These hazards are also true if methanol vapors are inhaled.”

Qualify Questions

Always ask if the manufacturer has product liability insurance.
Ask for a DUNS number to verify if they are even registered in the FDA portal.
Anyone touting their DUNS for confidence, is a red flag. It’s used for verification of company details and is not hard to acquire. No DUNS? They are not FDA authorized.
Always look for the FDA NDC Label Numbers which you can check at the FDA
If they don’t have NDC numbers on the label don’t trust it.
Our NDC label numbers
  • Aloe Vera Infused Formula
    76580-840-01 [Aloe containing formulation, 1 gallon size]
  • WHO formula
    76580-840-02 [glycerol containing product, 1 gallon size]

Gels created under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization are PROHIBITED! Verify yourself with the FDA Emergency Use Authorization April 15th Update regarding gels, foams, and aerosols on page 9 – Item #7 and footnote 23. It  clearly states:

“The hand sanitizer product is produced as an aqueous solution and not as a gel, foam, or aerosol spray.23


“This policy does not apply to hand sanitizer gel or foam products because different or additional ingredients may impact the quality and potency of the product. This policy does not apply to aerosol sprays because aerosol sprays with propellant added to the formulation can result in altered potency of the finished hand sanitizer. Aerosol sprays with propellant outside of the formulation (bag on valve) may have safety and potency concerns due to the increased flammability risks of ethanol in an aerosol, risk of over-spraying, variability of delivery of the product, rapid evaporation of alcohol, and inhalational toxicities.”

We Help Small Business and Communities Reopen as Safely as Possible

We applied with the EPA to be used as a surface disinfectant. The EPA Reg. No. is Pending to use a surface sanitizer but ethanol is on the EPA list N.

We’re here for you and have nothing to hide.

If the product you purchased has caused an adverse reaction, doesn’t seem right, or meet any of the criteria above, please, contact our support via email and tell us your story.