American Engineers and Chemists Creating Cost Effective Solutions for Our Common Problems

Using our wealth of knowledge and intimate experience of several industries, the team links world leading American chemists, American farmer owned ethanol plants, and precision manufacturing to help all Americans get through this pandemic. We have created a hand sanitizer that is based upon the FDA Authorized and CDC recommended WHO formula to kill 99.99% of germs and viruses quickly at a sane price. We’ve also formulated an EPA registered, (Reg. No. Applied), surface sanitizer with our loved “Tranquility Scent.” It’s based on the WHO formula and CDC studies show it’s effectiveness within 2 minutes versus the common 10 minute slow smelly saturation required by the other guys.

Given the current pandemic, as qualified chemists and engineers, we’ve decided to focus our resources and help solve the problem with the best hand and surface sanitizer solutions we can offer.

Our team is committed to helping first responders, front line doctors, and everyone else stay safe against the COVID19,  MIS-C, Zika, and other emerging threats. offers an easy way to help donate hand and surface sanitizers to those who need it most. Look for our donation kit! You can purchase products for yourself and we’ll donate a little extra for you to a verified 501(c)3 or NGO. You are always welcome to drop ship any organization a care package to help the community and share the love.

Remember that health is the most significant thing in your family’s life.
We’re committed to helping you take care of it.