FDA Authorized WHO Formula Liquid Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera

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Recommended by the CDC to disinfect hands and surfaces to combat viruses and germs.

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Aloe Vera Infused to Moisturize and Protect

Ethanol Tested for Impurities and Smell

Tranquility Scented Surface Sanitizer kill 99.99% of the germs!


Spray hand sanitizer to disinfect hands and surfaces

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CDC Supported Study

Show ethanol is the best virucide.

“Ethanol appears to be the most effective against viruses

CD recomments FDA registered and authorized

FDA guidelines prohibit gels, thickeners, aerosols, foams, dyes, and fragrances. It’s a liquid because of FDA requirements under the Emergency Use Authorization.

Read more details about how to qualify if the gel you’re buying is safe.


A formulation suitable for spray bottles to reduce waste and maximize surface area. 

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Contains FDA authorized and CDC Endorsed WHO formula:

  • 80% ethanol alcohol denatured for safety
  • Sterile water
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Aloe Vera as a moisturizer

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